Women in yoga pantsYou wear your slouch like it’s your number one accessory. This is the norm for the vast majority of Americans – poor posture is an everyday reality.

But bad posture comes with its own set of implications for your wellbeing. And, armed with this knowledge, you can fight back against the slump and reclaim your health.

Bad Posture Is Bad for You

This is highly revelatory – there’s a reason, after all, that it’s called “bad” posture. But exactly why it’s bad tends to be lesser-known.

Whether your job has you sitting in front of a computer or you slip into a slouch when you’re on the road or at the dinner table, bad posture tends to follow us everywhere we go. And this results in:

  • Chronic Pain
    Poor posture contorts our body into positions that cause pain and soreness. If you have bad posture, you might experience chronic lower back or neck pain. It takes a toll on your life – but it isn’t a source of discomfort that you should have to live with.
  • Stress
    In a recent study from Health Psychology, researchers examined whether poor posture correlates to stress and bad moods. The answer? A resounding yes. They found that “sitting upright increases the rate of speech and reduces self-focus. Sitting upright may be a simple behavioral strategy to help build resilience to stress.”
  • Poor Digestion
    When your posture is suffering, your digestive tract can’t work as it should. In addition to causing constipation, poor posture can trigger lower metabolism and stomach pain.

Posture Correction Can Help You Stand Tall

Bad posture affects us all. But with the help of a chiropractic care specialist, you can restore your body to its best self. Schedule a consultation today to explore how posture correction – a natural, holistic approach to improved posture – can help you.