It’s time to give your lower back some love. This part of your body serves as the foundation for the rest of your physical wellbeing. But even more important? The health of your back also influences your mental and emotional health.

Proactive action steps for your lower back

With a few preventative measures, you can ensure that your lower back¬†doesn’t become a magnet for pain and stress. Invest in these simple steps to help your back remain at its best:

  1. Consider posture correction
    If you have poor posture, your lower back bears the brunt of the damage. Our chiropractic care specialists can help you get your stance and health back on track.
  2. Emphasize exercise that strengthens your core
    This is preventative maintenance at its best. With core strengthening, your lower back will be more resilient to stressors and other issues.
  3. Don’t test your limits
    Lower back pain often comes from impulsive decisions – exercising unwisely, lifting a heavy object, or living unhealthily. If you invest in yourself with smart decisionmaking, you’ll also invest in your lower back.

Your lower back needs extra-special attention. This is the part of your body that is most vulnerable to strain, stress, and injury. And when your lower back is injured, it can send the rest of you off-balance.