It may be incomprehensible to some parents how chiropractic care is capable of relieving the pain of otitis media, or middle ear infection in a child. However, this is a gentle, non-invasive method of relief. Your Raleigh chiropractor can relieve pain using chiropractic methods.

The young baby or child has short Eustachian tubes in the ears. This structure itself is the cause of ear infections. Any virus or bacteria have a shorter way to travel to reach the middle or inner ear. Some babies and small children suffer these painful infections throughout childhood for that reason.

The way chiropractic care helps alleviate pain is to mobilize the draining of fluid from the ears. Regardless of how many previous infections the child has experienced, when the draining of fluids is facilitated by this method, it allows the child to build up antibodies. If the Eustachian tubes are not abnormally shaped, other than being short due to age, this should protect against infection in the future.

This is a viable alternative to giving a child prescription medication repeatedly. It is a non-invasive, drug-free method that obviates the necessity of having tubes inserted for drainage of fluid. There are some parents who cannot recognize the wisdom in this. However, it has helped many children.

One major advantage is being able to avoid the use of antibiotics. A series of gentle adjustments will correct what is referred to as a subluxation. This is simply the condition of a vertebra, which is one of the bones in the spine or neck, being out of place. It works by facilitating a stretching of the Eustachian tubes. This allows for drainage of fluids from the ears.

Ask your Raleigh chiropractor about this method of combating ear infections. It may not be proven scientifically, however, it has a repeatedly proven record of success. Certainly, it can be an adjunct to pediatric care. Many parents are interested in having their child cared for this way to avoid antibiotics or surgical intervention.