Do You Need Corrective Spinal Treatment?

The human spine is vulnerable to many kinds of problems, from degenerative disc disease to acute accidents, producing severe pain and neurological issues. Fortunately, you can usually correct these conditions without surgery. Let’s look at some of the problems your spine may face, and how non-surgical spinal correction can help.

Injuries and Chronic Problems

Your spine is far more than just a stack of vertebrae. The vertebral bones surround major nerve roots which correct directly to the spinal cord. Cartilaginous discs sit between the vertebrae, cushioning impacts and maintaining the right amount of space for proper vertebral joint function. When these components fall out of balance with each other, you can experience all kinds of problems. For example:

  • An acute injury can dislodge your vertebrae and herniate one or more discs, causing acute nerve compression and pain.
  • A bulging disc that loses height can cause both nerve compression and vertebral joint problems (including osteoarthritis).
  • A long-untreated spinal alignment can upset your posture and make you more prone to disc problems.

Neck pain or back pain commonly result from spinal alignment issues. If your nerves are compressed, you may also experience “pins and needles,” pain, loss of sensation or loss of function in your limbs.

Non-Surgical Spinal Treatment

Spinal decompression therapy offers a non-surgical solution in place of disc surgery or vertebral fusion procedures. A mechanical treatment table allows us to apply small but effective amounts of axial traction to the spine. This action produces negative pressure between the vertebrae, pulling herniated discs back into position, relieving nerve compression, and helping bulging discs regain height. You may also benefit from treatments such as chiropractic adjustment to correct postural or alignment problems in the spine. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your corrective spinal treatment options!