Whiplash is a physical condition that causes chronic pain, strain, and discomfort with a wide range of symptoms often affecting the head, neck, and spine. 

The greatest problem with whiplash is that its symptoms often go ignored. Sufferers tend to dismiss headaches and neck sprains as unrelated problems, which may actually be early signs of whiplash. To make matters worse, medical diagnostic equipment such as MRIs and X-rays fail to detect the presence of whiplash, which makes the condition even more elusive. 

There are many possible causes of whiplash, through trauma caused by intensive roller coaster rides, sport-related injuries and automobile accidents. Sometimes, symptoms may remain mild and undetected until worsened by a subsequent action that exacerbates the injury. 

Chiropractic care is a safe traditional way of treating whiplash. Through professional physical therapy, sufferers can quickly eliminate the strain and pain in their lives. 

Prompt Diagnosis 

Your chiropractor will be able to swiftly detect the symptoms of whiplash by physically examining the structure of your spine. The neck, vertebrae, and connected bone structures are thoroughly assessed to provide you with prompt diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractors may also study your posture and gait to determine the severity of the condition. 

Severity-Specific Treatment 

Chiropractors will recommend treatment based on the seriousness of whiplash symptoms. Such treatment methods are non-invasive, gentle yet effective. Specific treatment options will target the exact locations on your body that are causing your physical discomfort, which often results in a lasting recovery. 

Corrective Chiropractic provides you with professional treatment therapies that will remove the lingering symptoms of whiplash forever. Don’t just feel better, get better!