I know you all have been bombarded with notices, news and emails about the COVID-19 situation. I am hoping, this cuts through the typical administrative emails you have been receiving.


We have actively been cleaning and disinfecting ALL surfaces from the street level all the way up to our suite. All doorknobs, counter tops, tables, exam rooms and therapy equipment. We have always practiced proper hygiene practices but now we have doubled our efforts. Myself and my staff will be washing our hands between EVERY patient and if unable, will be disinfecting our hands with hand sanitizers.

All tables, chairs and surfaces will constantly be wiped down after EVERY use.

There is still much more YOU can do to protect yourselves during these times:

Your immune system is you #1 defense against all bacterial and viral infections. Fortunately, we have ultimate control over the state of our immune systems and our families. Here are some of the best practices that we follow even in our own homes.

  • GET ADJUSTED. Regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven to boost your immune system. This is accomplished by improving the state of the nervous system which in turn improves the immune system.

  • GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Often minimized as a source of immune response but studies have shown that deep sleep improves the immune system directly. Lower your lights 1 hour before bedtime, minimized backlit screens. Let your natural physiology take over and drift off into a deep slumber.

  • HYDRATION. The #1 deficient nutrient in most Americans is WATER. Staying hydrated is critical for EVERY biochemical process in your body including your immune system.

  • EAT WELL. Be sure to eat a healthy diet. Avoid sugars if possible and do not overeat. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of sitting and eating 3 meals a day. This helps sustain a proper blood sugar level and prevents the moments of being “famished”.

  • HEALTHY SOCIALIZATION. Although the government is encouraging “de-socialization”. I encourage you to reconnect with your nuclear family through conversation and family games. Family communication and physical touch have long been associated with decreased stress and improved overall health including the immune systems of the entire family.

The chiropractic industry is communicating together as well and as one of my colleagues said, “Let’s practice PRUDENCE but not PANIC”. Taking the above precautions is PRUDENT.

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and your families.

 – Dr. Mark Jensen