Winter can be a bit of a drag. Cold weather, early sunsets, and plenty of food? There are plenty of excuses we make to avoid exercising. Springtime, however, offers a new beginning — so get outside and get active.

Shake off that winter rust and get outdoors!

Out You Go

Spring is a time of change. New colors, better weather, and plenty of sunshine. Why spend time inside an air-conditioned gym when the whole wide world is waiting?

Get outside and re-establish that exercise routine. Go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride, or a yoga session in the park. Fresh air and sunshine are two big ingredients for a happy heart (and mind), so make the most of them!

Tips For Getting Started

Heading outdoors for your daily dose of exercise? Start small and work your way up. If winter kept you cooped up, don’t expect to immediately run a marathon. Start off early in the morning before work (that way you can’t make excuses) and drink plenty of water.

It’s always a good idea to gear up properly. Comfortable shoes, breathable clothing, and plenty of sunscreen help you make the most of your outdoor exercise.

Recharging Healthy Habits

Humans are creatures of habit — we love routines. What better way to improve your health than to make fitness part of your regular groove?

We know what you’re thinking. Hill sprints, weight lifting, crunches in the park — that sounds hard! But a healthy exercise regimen doesn’t need to be something so extreme. The benefits of a daily walk are impossible to deny. You’ll shave off weight, make your heart happy, and improve your mood.

Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of mental adrenaline to convince yourself to go for a pleasant walk. And it’s free!

Just slap on some shoes and get to walkin’.

Health Benefits Galore

Vitamin D — the sunshine vitamin — production is just one of the benefits that come with exercise outdoors. It’s crucial for your immune system, helps build strong bones, and is a fantastic mood-booster.

Ever feel down during the dark winter months? There’s a good chance you’re not getting enough Vitamin D. Don’t waste valuable spring daylight in a gym — get that sun and reap the benefits.

Don’t Forget Your Brain

Treadmills get your heart pumping, sure, but they are boring. Why spend an hour on a fancy new treadmill when you can walk outside and experience the world? Exercising outdoors forces your mind to focus and adapt to a changing environment. Better coordination and greater mental revitalization? Sign us up.

Why Wait?

Time to shelve your winter coats and shake off that exercise rust? The jury’s in — outdoor exercise is healthy, simple, and free.

Getting ready for springtime’s outdoor adventures? It’s not a bad idea to consider a session or two of professional chiropractor services. Corrective Chiropractic cares for the entire Raleigh area, so give us a call!