If you’re in daily pain and in need of healing, turn to the experts at Corrective Chiropractic for decompression therapy with high-intensity laser therapy. Proudly serving the greater Raleigh area in North Carolina, Corrective Chiropractic is the place to go for this advanced, specialized treatment that helps people of all walks of life get back to full health.

So, why use decompression therapy with high-intensity laser therapy?

Decompression Therapy With High-Intensity Laser Therapy

At Corrective Chiropractic, we use high-intensity laser therapy during each decompression treatment, delivering the soothing, deep-heating effect of our powerful Aspen 60-watt laser to help enhance the spinal decompression treatment. This provides pain relief, helps control inflammation (as a chemical mediator), and helps to speed up patient recovery time and boost tissue healing.


Clinical benefits of high-intensity laser therapy also include increased circulation, improved flexibility and function, reduced spasms, reduced symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, and much more.

Why Choose Corrective Chiropractic?

There’s no need to suffer through another painful day! Let the advanced treatment of Corrective Chiropractic get you on your feet again with high-intensity laser therapy, decompression therapy, and anything else you need to lead a happy, healthy life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! We offer convenient office hours, easy appointment scheduling, and a kind, caring staff ready to take care of all of your needs.


One last thing: check out this review from a patient!

Having benefited from Chiropractic care all my life, I know a good Chiropractor when I meet one – – – one that is personable, knowledgeable, willing to share that knowledge with me as a patient, one that takes a personal interest in my health and well-being, one that empowers me to be an active participant in getting well, and has amazing hands and technique. That’s Dr. Mark Jensen in a nutshell! I highly recommend Dr. Mark for your health and wellness needs! – Mark Levitan