The human body is infamously not designed to spend 9 hours at a desk daily. You’ll be acutely aware of this if you work in an office job.
Read on to learn how short breaks, good posture, and sound chiropractic care principles can help minimize pain while you’re at work in an office.

1. Ask for Broken Chairs to Be Replaced

Low-quality or broken chairs are a significant cause of back pain. Broken chairs contribute to bad posture and can even poke into your back in uncomfortable places. This isn’t just uncomfortable; it can cause long-term damage.
Your employer has a responsibility to provide non-hazardous equipment. Chairs are a part of this. You should always speak to your supervisor if you’ve noticed a defective chair – whether it’s yours or someone else’s!
It can be an uncomfortable subject to broach; however, enduring back pain is far less comfortable and will last much longer. It’s worth pointing out faulty chairs.

2. Stand Up Regularly

Where possible, try to stand up at least once per hour. Stretching your legs for 1-2 minutes (5 is even better) each hour is good for your body.
Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury, especially call center staff. Using your break to stretch your legs rather than moving from one chair to another seat is recommended if you can’t stand up regularly.

3. Speak to Your Chiropractor About Good Posture

A chiropractic care expert can give you recommendations on good posture. Your chiropractor can also provide tips on maintaining that posture and avoiding slouching throughout a long, dull shift! And, of course, they can help you deal with back pain when you visit.

Contact Corrective Chiropractic

Your back is too important to accept the idea that office jobs “are just uncomfortable.” Corrective Chiropractic will help you understand how to reduce pain at work –  reach out to learn more.