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Treatment is only the beginning to a healthier, pain-free life. Dr. Mark Jensen and the rest of the Corrective Chiropractic team are dedicated to helping you achieve your long-term health, wellness goals, and Lifestyle Advice. There are many factors that can have a profound effect on how complete your recovery will be. For example, proper nutrition and exercise help promote the body’s natural healing abilities and are essential components of your chiropractic routine.

But don’t worry, with lifestyle advice from Corrective Chiropractic living each day in a healthy way is a lot easier than you think! To supplement your personalized wellness plan we offer practical advice on a variety of topics that address decisions that we have to make every day such as

Change Unhealthy Habits

How To Change Unhealthy Habits

If you want to successfully change your habits to live a healthier life, you cannot leave an open door to your old habits. You need to just do it, just make a decision and not look back. Whenever you change what you are doing, it will feel unnatural. It may feel like you are doing something wrong, funny, or something that is just not you. In a way you are right. When you change a habit, you are by definition acting in a way that is ‘just not you.’ But in a very short time, it will feel normal and it will seem strange that you ever acted any different. The highest demonstration of a healthy and growing self-image and self-esteem is the commitment to work on you each and every day.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting Enough Sleep

Approximately 100 million Americans struggle with difficulty sleeping. Research at ASRI suggests that the amount and quality of sleep we achieve have profound effects on wellness. Nightly sleep is critical for proper function of the brain, immune system, endocrine system, digestion, as well as for energy, recovery from injury, and restoration of health. Sleep gives us the energy, the will, and the foundation to accomplish lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Quit Smoking

Quitting Smoking

People stop smoking every day and so can you. Some people find acupuncture to be very helpful at reducing cravings and many people have used nicotine patches for the same reason. But these are not as effective as your unswerving, absolute commitment to do whatever it takes to not smoke today. There are many addicts who have successfully kicked their addictions this way.

Limit TV Time

Limiting Television Time

You have heard this before: every hour that you spend sitting in front of the television is an hour spent being inactive. Sitting in front of the tube results in burning fewer calories and a reduction in overall metabolism. Also, a number of studies have shown that people who watch a substantial amount of television just eat more food. But did you know that studies published by the American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that children who watch more than two hours of television per day struggle more with aggressive behavioral problems, difficulty in concentrating, sleep disturbances and a dramatically increased risk of alcohol consumption as teenagers and other studies have shown that the results are just as valid for adolescents and adults as well.

Read Food Labels

Reading Food Labels

Learning how to read food labels is like looking at a prescription for your health and your life. Just about every packaged food made in the U.S. has a food label indicating the serving size and other nutritional information. The “Nutrition Facts” food labels are intended to give you information about the specific packaged food in question. Measurements of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals are calculated for a “typical portion.” Learning how can you use this information will help improve your health and wellness.


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