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A Vertebral subluxation is a minor misalignment of a bone or Vertebra placing pressure on the nerve exiting the small space between the bones. This pressure causes a decrease in the vital nerve flow to the organs in the body they supply. How can I tell If I have a vertebral subluxation?

The only accurate way to determine if you suffer from subluxations is to receive a chiropractic evaluation. However, a number of signs and symptoms are commonly associated with the vertebral subluxation and include:   neck pain, tenderness, soreness or stiffness back pain, tenderness, soreness or stiffness headaches dizziness or balance problems spinal muscle spasm, tightness or weakness reduced spinal mobility pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities joint pain and stiffness low energy poor overall state of health poor tissue healing   Individuals who are not currently experiencing pain or discomfort are not necessarily “subluxation free”.

As previously described, pain is a very poor indicator of disease processes, including the presence of subluxations. Subluxations are similar to cavities in that many times a significant amount of damage is present before symptoms such as pain are felt.   This is why we recommend, that individuals seek periodic spinal evaluations to check for the presence of subluxations and other spinal abnormalities, even in the absence of symptoms. The results of a thorough examination can show the location and severity of any subluxations you may have.

Contact our practice today to find out if you have subluxations before they become more serious and more difficult to correct.   How can subluxations be corrected?   The primary form of care to reduce subluxations is a series of chiropractic adjustments. By applying a specific and precise force, changes in the positions and motions of the spinal bones can be achieved over time.

Dr. Mark Jensen grew up in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, a small town in the southeastern part of the state.  During his childhood, he participated in many sports such as football, basketball, baseball, track, and hockey.  He later became involved in golf and rugby as well and has been no stranger to sports injuries.  These injuries and a knack for science and biology led to an interest in health care, although it was an auto accident while attending the University of Minnesota that led to his first chiropractic experience.  So impressed by the quality of the care and the 100% natural approach of chiropractic, he accepted the challenge of becoming a Chiropractor.  Six years later in 1996, he graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota with both Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees.


Following graduation, Dr. Jensen relocated from Minnesota to Rocky Mount, North Carolina where, as an associate with Hammer Chiropractic, he treated thousands of patients young and old suffering auto accident and athletic injuries, neck and low back pain, headaches, TMJ, sciatica, disc injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome, among many other conditions.  After nine years of practice in Rocky Mount, Dr. Jensen decided to open his own office in Raleigh, and in October 2006, opened Corrective Chiropractic.

Corrective Chiropractic is conveniently located in the Glenwood South area of downtown Raleigh.  This beautiful office offers state of the art technology used to detect and correct posture and spinal dysfunction, utilizing computerized thermal and muscle testing and high-speed full spine x-ray as well as spinal traction.  Dr. Jensen uses several spinal adjusting techniques (Diversified, Gonstead, and CBP) as well as soft tissue adjusting techniques (active myofascial release, trigger point therapy and electric stimulation).  Neuromuscular retraining and exercise are also used to help retrain the body to healthier patterns of function.


Corrective Chiropractic is a large chiropractic office that services many Raleigh families.    Dr. Jensen’s mission through Corrective Chiropractic is to educate and adjust as many families toward optimal health using natural chiropractic care.  To fulfill this purpose, Dr. Jensen provides education through classes in his office and at venues around town such as the YWCA and Target.  He is also active at many local health fairs and 5K races around Raleigh; he further donates his time in support of the Raleigh Rugby Club (2007 Division II National Rugby Champions) and is available to speak to local organizations and office groups about natural and proactive health care.

Continuing education is important to Dr. Jensen who consistently reads chiropractic journals for the latest news and health updates, and attends seminars throughout the country to study the latest information and techniques for the benefit of his patients.


Dr. Jensen resides in Raleigh and enjoys sports of all kinds.  In his free time, he can often be found traveling with his fiancee, Kelly or at home cooking and hanging out with their dogs.

Shannon Chojnicki Chiropractic Assistant – Shannon grew up in Buffalo, NY and moved to the Raleigh, NC area in 2005 with her husband, dog, and cat.  When she is not at work you can find her volunteering at a local animal shelter for cats.  She also helps run her husband’s business on her days off.  Shannon has been with Corrective Chiropractic since June 2012.

Sharon Pacheco Chiropractic Assistant –  Sharon was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up until the age of  7 in Southern California. Sharon has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for 14 years. She is married and has a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. She is an active member of her church and participates in a lot of community service activities. She enjoys taking care of others and helping people feel better. Sharon also loves to take family trips with family and friends. Sharon is also bilingual in English and Spanish.


JJ Virgin, Ph.D., CNS/Celebrity Wellness Expert


Vitamin D, once linked to only bone diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis, is now recognized as a major player in overall human health. There are only 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D has been shown to influence over 2,000 of them. That’s one of the primary reasons it influences so many diseases, including diabetes, depression, heart disease, and cancer, just to name a few. But while many will focus on vitamin D supplementation, it’s important to realize that the IDEAL way to optimize your vitamin D level is not by taking a pill, but rather allowing your body to do what it is designed to do – create vitamin D from sun exposure (or a safe tanning bed).

Sunlight is superior to supplements for a number of reasons:

  • It is natural. Our ancestors optimized their vitamin D levels by sun exposure, not by swallowing it in foods. Although vitamin D is in some animal foods, it is in relatively low quantities and to my knowledge, there are no known ancestral populations that thrived on oral vitamin D sources
  • When you expose your skin to the sun, your skin also synthesizes high amounts of cholesterol sulfate, which is very important for cardiovascular health. In fact, Dr. Stephanie Seneff believes that high LDL and associated heart disease may, in fact, be a symptom of cholesterol sulfate deficiency. Sulfur deficiency, in fact, also promotes obesity and related health problems like diabetes
  • Most experts believe you cannot overdose when getting your vitamin D from sun exposure, as your body has the ability to self-regulate production and only make what it needs
  • When taking a high dose vitamin D supplement, you also need to boost your intake of vitaminK2, either from food or a supplement, in order to maintain the proper ratio. These two nutrients work in tandem, and vitamin K2 deficiency is actually what produces the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity, which includes inappropriate calcification that can lead to hardening of your arteries
  • Sunlight has many additional health benefits unrelated to vitamin D production


One of your most basic health principles is to eat a diet of whole, nutritious foods rather than processed fare. Cutting out grains and sugar (particularly fructose) — which happens more or less naturally once you ditch processed foods from your diet — will take you a long way toward normalizing your weight and improving your health.

But what are the best foods to eat in place of foods you shouldn’t eat?

In her new book The Drop 10 Diet, Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self Magazine, describes how focusing on so-called “superfoods” might change the way you look at weight loss. And she certainly has a good point. Feeding your body the right nutrients rather than stuffing it with “empty” calories will not only help you lose unwanted pounds, it’s a key ingredient for living a long and healthy life. Believe it or not, many people who are obese are actually profoundly malnourished.

“At the end of the day, you invest in your wardrobe and your hair and your car and everything else. So invest in your body. Because it’s supposed to last for 100 years,” she recently told CNN Health. According to the featured article, the term “superfood” was coined in 2004 by Dr. Steven Pratt, author of Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life. He, like Danziger, points out that this kind of eating goes beyond the idea of dieting. It’s really a way of life. “It’s the non-diet diet. It’s food you can eat for a lifetime,” he tells CNN.

According to Pratt, a superfood fulfills three qualifications:

  1. Are readily available
  2. Contain nutrients known to enhance longevity, and
  3. Have health benefits backed by peer-reviewed, scientific studies

Pratt’s website lists a total of 20 examples, which include:

  1. Wild-caught salmon
  2. Broccoli
  3. Spinach
  4. Berries, and 
  5. Green tea 


May is Health Pass Month. If you have a friend or a loved one that you feel could benefit from our Chiropractic care please refer them to our office and mention Health Pass. This enables them to receive their first visit for the low cost of $25. One never knows if Chiropractic can help unless they get checked and find out. Please feel free to use this yourself if you have not been in the office recently!  This includes consultation, examination, and any needed x-rays. Please call to set up your appointments.

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