One of the most frustrating things for our chiropractic specialists is seeing how long our clients live in pain before they come into our office. And spinal issues are often the source of these aches that keep you awake at night.

Your Spine, Your Body, and Your Wellbeing

A spinal adjustment also called a spinal correction, is a chiropractic practice that helps your mind and body thrive in tandem. You can think of your spine as the home base for all the major nerves in your body.

In other words? When your spine isn’t functioning at 100%, the rest of your body isn’t either.

There’s another important element to consider, too. When your spine isn’t properly aligned, simple activities – like walking and exercising – can trigger painful damage to your nerves. And then the issue isn’t just painful today; it can have lasting consequences.

3 Signs You Need a Spinal Adjustment

Call your chiropractic care provider if you have been experiencing:

  • Sharp pain while active
    If your body responds to exercise with chronic sharp pain, then it means that something isn’t right. Generally, this type of pain can be attributed to a poorly adjusted spine.
  • Dull, chronic aches
    You know that pre-flu feeling when your body is encompassed by a dull ache? If you’re feeling like that and you have a clean bill of health, it’s time to give your spine some TLC.
  • Repetition or high activity
    If your job requires repetitive motions, or if you are an active exerciser, it’s important to get routine spinal adjustments. Both of these actions can contribute to spinal pain.

If your body feels off, don’t wait for the feeling to disappear. Visit our chiropractic care clinic in Raleigh to receive spinal correction that will help your body stand tall.