Phase 1: Relief Care

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Pain, The Great Motivator

The overwhelming majority of people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain and are looking for relief care.  It is a pain severe enough that it motivates them to do something about it. Your chiropractor, Dr. Mark Jensen understands this. It is his goal to reduce or alleviate your symptoms as in as few visits as possible.

The Plan

This phase of treatment will include your first visit to the chiropractor and it is during this phase that your chiropractor will learn about you, your medical history, and of course, what hurts. Using this information along with any x-rays needed a diagnosis will be made and your treatment options will be thoroughly explained to you. You and your chiropractor will then map out a plan of treatment.

Treatment Begins

Depending on your condition your first treatment may begin on your very first visit. Regardless of when it starts, once it begins your chiropractor will be working to reduce or eliminate your pain as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of your current condition this phase can last from 4-12 weeks and could require frequent visits.

Last In First Out

Because of the marked improvement in how they feel many people think they are completely healed by the end of this first phase. That is mainly due to the fact that their pain has been eliminated. But keep this in mind; pain is a poor indicator of health. Pain is usually the last symptom to appear and the first one to disappear after treatment. Although your pain may be gone the underlying condition is still there. Stopping treatment at this stage would only guarantee its return.


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