Phase 2: Corrective Care/Restorative Care

Reversing The Damage

Corrective Care/Restorative Care

Restore Your Spine’s Proper Alignment

If you have ever seen treasure, such as gold, being salvaged from the ocean then you may be familiar with the process to restore it to its original condition. First, exterior impurities are removed (accumulated sediment, coral, and rock) then the item undergoes electrolysis to remove the impurities that have penetrated inside the metal, healing the inside so to speak. The Corrective Care/Restorative Care phase of your chiropractic care is very similar to that.

The Overview

During this phase, we aid your body in permanently correcting whatever condition has been ailing you. While you may feel like you can return your normal activities it is important to remember that much healing still needs to occur. As your musculoskeletal system starts to obtain optimal alignment and balance through continued visits to your chiropractor, your body kicks into action and starts to heal the muscles and tissues that have been damaged!

Achieving Stability

By this time your spine is starting to become much more stable and balanced. You may notice that your chiropractic visits are less becoming less frequent, that is because your spine is able to hold adjustments for longer periods of time. During this time exercises, stretching and other forms of treatment such as physical therapy may be used in order to strengthen and re-educate your muscles back into their normal tone and length.

What If….

Throughout this phase of your treatment, your chiropractor will be working to keep your spine properly aligned. As a result, you will feel increasingly more mobile, perhaps more than you have in years. It is important to note that too much activity during this phase often leads to a recurrence of pain. This is a common occurrence that will become increasingly rare as your spine stabilizes and the muscles and tissues strengthen.


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