There are billions of nerves in the human body. But if even one becomes compressed, it has implications for your entire body.

This phenomenon commonly referred to as a “pinched nerve,” occurs when your nerve has pressure applied to it. It can be triggered by a multitude of things: a sports injury, a sleeping position, and even just a sudden movement. But the effect has serious implications for your body and your health.

Raleigh Chiropractor Helps Eliminate Neck Pain In LocalsYou might be suffering from a pinched nerves if…

There are a few obvious indicators that you’re suffering from a pinched nerve. It’s time to visit your chiropractor if:

  • … You feel like your feet are asleep. This happens when your feet are numb or tingling regularly.
  • … Your muscles feel half-baked. You’ll feel this way if you aren’t getting the horsepower you expect from your muscles.
  • … You’re numb. This happens if you lose feeling in any part of your body, though it is most often felt in your hands, feet, and neck.
  • … You have radiating pain. You’ll feel this way if you have pain radiating out from one central point.

What to do if you think you have a pinched nerve

Don’t wait for it to “fix itself” – you’ll be waiting for a long time. Instead, book an appointment with our chiropractic care specialists. We’ll work with you to map out a treatment plan that repairs your pinched nerve and gets your body back at 100%.