PRESS RELEASE: Raleigh, NC, 08-MAR-2013 – Corrective Chiropractic and Dr. Mark Jensen, DC, are pleased to announce that solutions for poor posture are a part of the therapy that is available to local patients. The links between posture and health are an important part of the philosophy of chiropractic medicine. Services from the Raleigh chiropractic office are gentle and effective.

When a person has optimal posture positions, sleeping, sitting, and standing, there is reduced stress on the muscles and connective tissue of the spinal column. Conversely, pressure on the spinal discs can cause them to bulge into surrounding tissue and nerve bundles. The brain interprets this pressure as pain signals. The pain may be sensed in the extremities or as a headache.

When the body is trying to compensate for improper spinal alignment, the muscles become irritated and often go into spasm. Learning how to correct poor posture is an easy and convenient way of reducing pain and improving overall body health. These exercises can be practiced until the correct posture is the habit.

Raleigh chiropractic office posture exercises can be explained in individual sessions, or as part of group seminars and classes. The doctor of chiropractics is dedicated to helping individual members of the community achieve better health through one-on-one techniques, educational newsletters, and classes, or through other media presentations.

Learn more about the best techniques for improving overall health with correct posture by visiting the web pages at now. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the details in this press release can contact the Raleigh chiropractic office at the location provided below.

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Summary: Corrective Chiropractic and Dr. Mark Jensen, D. C., Raleigh chiropractor, offer a range of holistic approaches to full health and wellness. Improving the posture of patients assists in better overall health.