When suffering the effects of pinched nerves many patients have benefited from the gentle and natural help provided by a chiropractic manipulation of the spine. The care a Raleigh chiropractor provides allows pain to be healed at its source. Once the cause of the pain is gone, the pain becomes much less of a problem.

The spinal column provides support to the back, neck, and head. In addition, the spinal cord is contained in a central tunnel that passes through the spinal column. From the spinal cord, smaller nerves pass through the spine to the outer limits of the body. As nerves pass through the bones and connective tissue in the spine, they can become pinched. This condition is most often connected to a spine that is out of balance.

A chiropractic adjustment uses small, measured forces to restore balance to the spine. The adjustment may help to restore bulging discs and relieve pressure on nerves. Once the pressure is removed from a nerve, it generally takes a couple of weeks to heal completely.

A pinched sciatic nerve can cause leg and foot pain. In addition, the sufferer may experience numbness in the leg. It can begin to weaken and the sufferer can lose function in the leg. A simple adjustment allows the sciatic nerve to heal and can reduce pain while restoring function.

Nerves pinched in the upper regions of the back or neck are often responsible for headaches. Many people find that regular chiropractic care can reduce the number and intensity of their headaches. They have less pain and are not dependent on medication or surgery.

When suffering from problems related to a pinched nerve, many have found help through a Raleigh chiropractor. The chiropractic doctor provides the right type of care to heal the underlying problem. As a result, patients live fuller lives with less pain on a daily basis.