About half of all pregnant women experience lower back pain. For some, it is a mild annoyance, but for others it becomes disabling. The pain is often aggravated by normal movements such as standing up, sitting down, or bending. A Raleigh chiropractic clinic offers non-invasive, drug-free therapies for pain relief, allowing women to remain active throughout their pregnancies.

There are two main causes of back pain during pregnancy. The weight of the developing baby changes the mother’s center of gravity toward the front. This increases the curvature of the spine and strains the muscles supporting it, in addition, hormonal changes loosen the ligaments supporting joints in the pelvis. These unstable joints often become inflamed, leading to pain in the lower back and buttocks.

The chiropractor uses gentle, manual adjustments to realign the spine and pelvis, alleviating the source of the pain. She also employs massage techniques to release tight back muscles and prevent spasms. Other safe and soothing therapies may be utilized for pain relief, depending on the patient’s individual needs.

Pregnant patients at the clinic are taught ways to improve their posture to help alleviate discomfort during daily activities. They are shown the correct way to hold their bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down in order to minimize strain on the back. They are also instructed in the correct use of a lumbar back support cushion.

The chiropractor takes a holistic approach to wellness during pregnancy. She demonstrates helpful, stretching exercises and techniques for relaxation and stress management. She also advises patients on proper diet and nutrition.

After the baby is delivered, the lower back pain gradually subsides as pressure is removed from the spine and the pelvic ligaments tighten up. However, women may experience muscle tension or joint problems for around eight weeks following the birth. The Raleigh chiropractic clinic offers continuing care to ensure that new mothers remain happy and healthy.