The vertebrae in the spinal column are supported by cushioned discs. When they become damaged, abnormal bulges or tearing can occur referred to as a herniated disc. While the painful condition can develop anywhere along the spine, it is largely reported in the neck and lower back. The Raleigh chiropractor aims to explore the natural methods that will facilitate bodily healing processes.

The major cause for the development of herniation is a poor biomechanical function. The discs can become ruptured when improper lifting, twisting, and rigorous activity is engaged in with considerable force. Drugs and surgical intervention are not recommended in chiropractic therapy and instead the focus is on ways to work with the body to achieve a recovered state.

Identification of the type of symptoms that are experienced can assist in determining the presence of such bulging discs. Typical signs of this type of injury include radiating pain into the extremities as well as numbness. The bulge often contributes to inflammation and severe pressure on sensitive nerves.

A chiropractic and orthopedic examination are implemented to detect a herniated disc. X-rays may also be requested to rule out the possibility of other conditions impacting on physical health. The extent of the injury will determine the most appropriate mode of therapy.

The pain and swelling are alleviated by means of cold compression so that therapy may be initiated. Once symptoms are under control, the practitioner may recommend flexion distraction which works by increasing the disc space allowing relief of the bulge. The professional may implement the procedure by using pressure on the target region.

Traction therapy is an alternative involving the application of a machine that gently relieves the vertebrae pushing on the disc. Rehabilitation methods focus on the implementation of light exercise techniques to develop muscle strength and support. The Raleigh chiropractor provides conservative therapy to assist the body in achieving a healthy state and function.

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