There’s a lot to think about during the holiday season, including menus, decorations, gifts, and even outfits. Chances are you don’t think about movement—but you should. The reason is there are a lot of non-typical movements involved in holiday preparations, and you don’t want a wrenched back or pinched nerve ruining your celebrations.

Lifting Food out of the Oven

It’s not every day that you lift a 20-pound turkey out of the oven, and unless you have a wall oven, you’ll need to bend over to do it. Be careful to fully open the oven door and then bend at the knees, so you don’t burn yourself or hurt your back. Clear a spot on the counter before taking the bird out so you don’t end up struggling with a heavy, hot object that has nowhere to go.

Reaching for the Dishes

There’s nothing like setting a table with your grandmother’s heirloom china or the silverware set you received as a wedding gift. Just be mindful of your movement when you climb a ladder to get it from the top shelf of the closet or strain to get it from the back of your least-used cabinet.

Sitting on Folding Chairs

While it isn’t the indignity of being assigned to the “kids table,” sitting on folding chairs isn’t optimal for anybody’s comfort or posture. Be sure to sit straight and face forward. If possible, try to get up and walk around between courses. Better yet, offer to help bring the food to the table if you’re not the host. That way you’re not sitting for too long.

Throwing a Football

That traditional Thanksgiving backyard football game often results in injuries and possibly even a visit to the hospital emergency room. If you’re participating, be sure to stretch beforehand and make it touch, not tackle.

Just as you may be mindful of what you eat during the holidays, you need to be mindful of the way you move your body—whether cooking, cleaning, playing, or even just sitting.

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