Chiropractic Services & Techniques in Raleigh, NC

If you are suffering from pain in your back, neck, or other joints, you may have considered chiropractic care as an option. Chiropractic treatment is a natural form of healthcare that aims to help your body heal itself. There are many different techniques and types of adjustments that chiropractors use to help patients recover from…

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How Can You Minimize Pain at Your Office Job?

Proper Sitting Position for working on a computer

The human body is infamously not designed to spend 9 hours at a desk daily. You’ll be acutely aware of this if you work in an office job. Read on to learn how short breaks, good posture, and sound chiropractic care principles can help minimize pain while you’re at work in an office. 1. Ask…

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Ouch! Don’t Live With Back Pain Any Longer!

There are few things worse than back pain. This constant and painful malady can make daily existence a wince-worthy thing to go through. As we head into the beautiful spring weather of a brand-new year, it’s time to finally take care of that back pain with the help of Raleigh’s premier chiropractic care center. Turn…

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Save Your Back with These De-Stressing Tips

The effects of stress aren’t just emotional; they take a physical toll, too. We often think of back pain as a symptom of a sports injury or accident. In reality, it’s often caused by anxiety. Everyone feels stress. But if you learn how to manage that stress with care and intention, you can protect your body from pain – and make each day a happier one, too! 5 Ways to Combat Stress We encounter things that create stress every day – in our personal lives, in our careers, and even in our recreational time. But a few tips and tricks can help you keep anxiety at bay, and your health on your own terms. Get active. A walk around the block. A rec soccer team. A solo hike. No matter what strikes your fancy, give yourself time to invest in healthy activity each week. Buy a water bottle. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain high energy. Most people drink less than half the daily recommended amount of water. A way to combat that: keep a bottle of water close at hand. Unplug. Even the presence of our phone is proven to contribute to stress. Put your phone in a drawer – even if only for an hour – and give yourself permission to disconnect for a little while. Invest time in something you love. Reading, painting, listening to music, watching movies. Give yourself time each day to do what you love – Without distractions – or guilt! Pay attention. We often stress our body, and we don’t even realize it. Take a moment to visualize your body and relax your muscles. Chiropractic Care Treats Back Pain We’ve chatted about preventative care to ensure stress doesn’t take a toll on your body. But what do you do if the back pain has already got the best of you? That’s why chiropractic care is for. Our specialists in Raleigh will map out a treatment plan that will help you reclaim your body, your health, and your wellbeing. Call today to get yourself back on track!

The effects of stress aren’t just emotional; they take a physical toll, too. We often think of back pain as a symptom of a sports injury or accident. In reality, it’s often caused by anxiety. Everyone feels stress. But if you learn how to manage that stress with care and intention, you can protect your…

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3 Unexpected Impacts of Bad Posture

You wear your slouch like it’s your number one accessory. This is the norm for the vast majority of Americans – poor posture is an everyday reality. But bad posture comes with its own set of implications for your wellbeing. And, armed with this knowledge, you can fight back against the slump and reclaim your…

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Understanding Lower Back Pain

It’s important to listen to your body. And when your lower back is trying to tell you something, it’s more vital than ever. We often have clients come to us when their lower back pain is at its height. And when we try to retrace the steps of their injury – to understand why the issue happens…

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3 Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

Raleigh Chiropractor Helps Automobile Accident Sufferers Get Pain Relief

It’s time to give your lower back some love. This part of your body serves as the foundation for the rest of your physical wellbeing. But even more important? The health of your back also influences your mental and emotional health. Proactive action steps for your lower back With a few preventative measures, you can…

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How A Raleigh Chiropractor Offers Therapy For Low Back Pain

Chiropractor Back Pain in Raleigh, NC If you’re thinking about consulting a chiropractor for back pain, get in touch with Corrective Chiropractic. Our office in Raleigh, NC, is a modern facility that’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which helps us identify the source of your discomfort. We take a holistic approach to delivering health care that focuses not only on your symptoms but also upon your overall well-being. We create treatment plans that are tailored toward the specific needs of each patient under our care. We’re open Monday- Thursday, 8am – 5pm. We make it a point to read chiropractic journals and to attend continuing education seminars so that our patients can benefit from the latest advancements in the field of chiropractic science. Noninvasive Care Corrective Chiropractic has been helping patients throughout Raleigh and the surrounding areas since 2006. We want to help alleviate your acute or chronic back pain without reliance upon surgery or the excessive use of pharmaceuticals. Learn more about the ways that a chiropractor for back pain may be able to help you feel better. Contact us today for more information about our practice and to schedule an appointment.

People that are dealing with issues in their lower back often find that they are among the most painful and difficult to contend with. This portion of the body is used to help support weight and motion, which can be significantly disrupted when aches and pains are present. Anyone dealing with back pain should learn…

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