Most people don’t consider going to the chiropractor after an auto accident. However, these medical professionals can help ease pain caused by underlying injuries and prevent them from worsening over time.

A good chiropractor will do more than evaluate your injuries – they can provide the care you need to prevent future complications.

Here are a few ways chiropractic care can help you recover from your accident and heal from your injuries.

Key Benefits of Chiropractic Care After an Accident

Chiropractic care is often recommended after an auto accident because of the immense stress your body endures, especially in areas such as your neck, back, and spine. Individuals who experience an auto accident also often sustain injuries to their ligaments, soft tissues, and spinal discs.

All these areas are essential for movement. Personal injuries can result in permanent damage to the body without proper treatment. Seeking help from a chiropractor immediately after your auto accident is the best way to ensure a full recovery.

Minimizes Pain

Treatments such as spinal adjustments can relieve pain throughout the entire body, not just the affected areas. Your body releases hormones such as oxytocin and cortisol for pain relief during spinal manipulations conducted by a chiropractor.

Additionally, minimizing pain through chiropractic care can reduce your need for strong medications that mask pain and come with the risk of addiction and dependence.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a common side effect of personal injuries and is a normal sign the body is healing. But too much can be harmful to the surrounding tissues and cause discomfort.

One cause of inflammation is micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles. Unfortunately, these underlying injuries cannot be detected by an x-ray but can leave you feeling sore and stiff. Luckily, manipulations from a chiropractor can help your body lower its inflammatory response and reduce pain caused by your auto accident.

Improves Mobility

A combination of pain and inflammation sometimes leads to reduced flexibility and mobility. Most auto accidents cause a misalignment of spinal joints and a build-up of scar tissue. This often makes moving your arms and legs and turning your neck hard.

In this case, chiropractic care helps mobilize the spine through adjustments that realign the joints. Not only does this restore or improve your mobility from underlying injuries, but it also helps facilitate healing.

Reduces Scar Tissue

As mentioned, scar tissue build-up is common after sustaining personal injuries. Damaged muscles and tendons heal themselves by producing collagen, creating scar tissue. In many cases, scar tissue causes long-term pain and stiffness. But it can return to normal tissue over time.

If you experience discomfort from scar tissue build-up, a chiropractor can use specific techniques to break up the tissue and improve healing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help for Your Personal Injuries

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident and you’re experiencing pain, now is the time to seek help. Receiving chiropractic care can make a big difference in how your body heals. With the right treatment, personal injuries don’t have to be permanent.