Women Yoga Pants Light ShirtSciatica can feel all-encompassing. It’s a type of pain that you can’t hide from – and it can seriously impact your quality of life. The silver lining? With professional chiropractic care and a dedicated treatment plan, you can put the pain to rest.

Understanding Sciatica

Before you dive into your treatment plan for sciatica, it’s important to get a little bit of context. By understanding what sciatica is, why it happens, and how to treat it, you can move forward to the healing phase with confidence.

  • What causes sciatica?
    Typically, a herniated disk is the root cause of sciatica. This happens when the connective tissue between your vertebrae gets worn down. And when it does, it applies pressure to the surrounding nerves. The main contender: the sciatic nerve. It’s your body’s longest nerve, and it runs from your lower back down to your feet.
  • What are symptoms of sciatica?
    Lower back pain is the most common sign of sciatica, but the level of pain varies from patient to patient. Some just feel a slight ache, while others feel severe and unrelenting pain.
  • What increases the risk of sciatica?
    Sometimes sciatica simply occurs with aging. If your job requires you to sit for long amounts of time or do heavy lifting, you also have an increased risk.
  • How do I treat sciatica?
    Our chiropractic care team will create a treatment plan that will help your sciatica take the back seat. This is essential to effectively solve the problem; pain medication only provides temporary relief.

With chiropractic care and dedication, you can fight back against sciatica. Corrective Chiropractic will work with you to create a plan of action that will help you regain complete function – without the pain.