What to Expect

Your first visit to a chiropractor isn’t like going to the hospital. You’ll notice people are happy here, why? Because they are getting better and in a more complete and sustainable way! So will you! However, success won’t happen overnight. Likely you have been living with pain for some time and it will take some time to undo all of the damage done to your system up to this point. How long? While every patient is different there is a general progression of events that you can expect to happen during the course of your chiropractic care.

Phase 1: Relief Care

You’re in pain, it’s the reason why you are looking for a chiropractor, it’s the reason you are on this website reading this. The goal of your chiropractor is to alleviate your symptoms in as few visits as possible in order to usher in your personal era of healing. [Read More]

Phase 2: Corrective/Restorative Care

With pain becoming a distant memory the focus now shifts on making sure it does not come back. During this phase muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely and restoration of optimal bone alignment is the primary goal. [Read More]

Phase 3: Wellness Care

Your body has fully healed! You are now one of the smiling people that new patients see in the lobby on their first visit. This phase of care consists of periodic adjustments to maintain proper alignment with the goal of ensuring that your physical problems do not come back. [Read More]


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